I became the rich villain of the second generation 530 (2023)

Chapter 530: Lin Mo Liangliang

After seeing the reaction of Ling Duanya and others, Lin Mo was stunned for a while and immediately rebutted.

"Is this person so bad that he has a sense of justice?

Ling Duanya and the others secretly frowned, but for professional reasons, it was impossible to argue with Lin Mo.

"It seems that you have something strange with that Wang Haoran, let's talk about it." Ling Duanya said lightly.

Lin Mo briefly described the vacation with Wang Haoran.

Ling Duanya and others secretly felt a bit strange as they listened.

Because they all agreed that Lin Mo exaggerated Wang Haoran's motives.

A few classroom celebrations and things in the square are not enough for Wang Haoran.

If Lin Mo just took a beating, Wang Haoran might suspect it, but Lin Mo was…

Of course, without evidence, this kind of trial, Ling Duanya and others would not speak.

Ling Duanya asked about the characteristics of the person who founded Lin Mo.

Lin Mo can only describe each other's figures.

And this type of character is very common, and you can catch a lot on the street.

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How can people get caught up with such vague information?

However, Lin Mo said that nothing else would come.

Of course, it was late at night, the street lights were dim, and the man was cloudy, and looking away he couldn't see him clearly.

As the two of them got closer, Lin Mo was immediately dejected, and there was no time for them to look closely at each other.

Ling Duanya and others had to go to the crime scene, and Lin Mo said that he was about to look for evidence while checking nearby surveillance.

When Ling Duanya and others temporarily left, the room became silent again.

But after a moment that silence was broken again.

Hu Zuixiang heard the news out of the blue, but actually found it here.

"Yoyo, what's wrong? Why did you go to the hospital all of a sudden?" Hu Zuixiang said with a strange yin and yang.

Lin Mo turned his head, not wanting to disturb her.

"I know if you don't tell me." Hu Zuixiang laughed and said:

"I'd rather be an idiot than be with myself? I'm happy now, I'm a eunuch anyway."

The sound was so harsh that it almost pierced through Lin Mo's heart.

[Ding, the host's manipulation behind the scenes indirectly damaged Lin Mo's mentality and got 1200 villain points, Lin Mo's protagonist's halo -60, and the host's villain halo +60! 🇧🇷

[Ding, the host's manipulation behind the scenes indirectly damaged Lin Mo's mentality and got 1200 villain points, Lin Mo's protagonist's halo -60, and the host's villain halo +60! 🇧🇷

"Is this the one you're looking for?!" Lin Mo bowed his head and turned to look at Hu Zuixiang.

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"I'm looking for someone, what are you talking about?" Hu Zuixiang looked innocent.

"You ugly monster, it turns out you did this. You can wait until you go to jail!" Lin Mo said bitterly.

Hearing the harsh words of the "eight ugly monsters", Hu Zuixiang was immediately angry: "Dead eunuch, shut up, you are no longer a man. If I were you, I would just die, stay in this world."

[Ding, the host's manipulation behind the scenes indirectly damaged Lin Mo's mentality and got 1200 villain points, Lin Mo's protagonist's halo -60, and the host's villain halo +60! 🇧🇷

Lin Mo trembled in anger and touched the injured area. Suddenly, she took a couple of deep breaths due to her pain, and a thin cold sweat broke out on her forehead as well.

Hu Zuixiang did not stop and continued to curse. The angle of attack of the words revolved around the word "eunuch", which was increasingly cruel.

[Ding, the host's behind-the-scenes manipulation indirectly hurt Lin Mo's mentality, gaining 600 villain points, Lin Mo's protagonist's halo -30, and the host's villain's halo +30! 🇧🇷

[Ding, the host's manipulation behind the scenes indirectly damaged Lin Mo's mentality, gaining 700 villain points, Lin Mo's protagonist's halo -35, and the host villain's halo +35! 🇧🇷

[Ding, the host is controlled behind the scenes, which indirectly damages Lin Mo's mentality, gains 800 villain points, Lin Mo's protagonist's halo is -40, and the host's villain's halo is +40. 🇧🇷


[Ding, the host's behind-the-scenes manipulation indirectly damaged Lin Mo's mentality and gained 1200 villain points, Lin Mo's protagonist's halo -80, and the host's villain halo +80! 🇧🇷

[Ding, Lin Mo's mentality explodes, and the supermaster system automatically separates and loses the identity of the protagonist. 🇧🇷

Wang Haoran: "???"

Women have a unique talent for swearing in the streets.

Lin Mo's pain eased a bit, and he wanted to answer, but he couldn't say Hu Zuixiang.

Hu Zuixiang didn't know how long he had been complaining anyway, his throat became hoarse, and then stopped.

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At this time, Ling Duanya and others who wanted to gather evidence and investigate returned.

Lin Mo immediately inquired about the situation, but the result was disappointing.

The killer was very careful and appeared to be a professional repeat offender who left no trace.

"Ella, check her out!" Suddenly, Lin Mo blamed Hu Zuixiang and said, "She's probably the person she was looking for!"

Ling Duanya and others looked towards Hu Zuixiang.

“I admit that I found someone to beat him, but these people were beaten by him and they had nothing to do. He made himself a eunuch and that has nothing to do with me ”. Hu Zuixiang knew that this matter needed to be investigated, and he could not hide it. , you just said that.

Ling Duanya immediately asked Hu Zuixiang to take notes as well.

Hu Zuixiang was also very cooperative, and along with the trends, he also shared the story of how Lin Mo left him.

After hearing this, Ling Duanya and his colleagues were disgusted with Lin Mo.

They originally sympathized with Lin Mo, but now it seems that they deserve it.

Of course, due to the professional code, such a comment is just a thought in my heart, and I will definitely not say it directly.

After they finished writing, Ling Duanya and others left.

The truth of Hu Zuixiang's words can be found out through verification.

However, from his professional point of view, Hu Zuixiang did not seem to be lying. The god Lin Mo had nothing to do with Hu Zuixiang.

Also, even if there is a relationship, the most direct killer must be found to verify.

It's just that the killer left no trace, how can I find out?

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There is a high probability that this case will become a cold case.

But you have to check it.

Ling Duanya and others went to work.

Hu Zuixiang laughed at Lin Mo, got angry, and left.

Lin Mo was the only one left at the station.

Lin Mo cried for a moment, then suddenly something occurred to her, a glint of hope flashing in her eyes.

Before that, he lost a man's ability due to his weakness.

Consuming the recognition value directly restores the ability.

Is it then possible for this system to go from being an idiot to being a man?

With that hope in mind, Lin Mo got a little excited and began to communicate with the system.

But no matter how he used his mind to communicate, he found that the system was not moving.

Lin Mo panicked, hoping that the system was temporarily down, so there was no movement.

After another period of time, Lin Mo tested the communication system again.

However, there was still no movement.

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