Information on Canberra and ACT solar panels (2023)

Canberra Solar Panels

Is the investment in solar panels worth it? How much money can you save?

Some Australians have yet to make a decision on the facilitySolar panelsbecause they think it will be too expensive and complicated. However, this is not the case!

With the lowest solar prices ever, solar panels are proving to be one of the smartest and safest investments you can make in 2021. The initial cost pays off in just a few years, saving you thousands of dollars in utility bills. public each year. the years.

In fact, a recent report from the ACCC revealed that solar-powered homeowners are saving staggering amounts.31% of your energy costs compared to grid-connected homes!

Get the most out of your attic! Get in touch with our ACT team duringState solar subsidiesand incredible deals on the latest solar energy systems.

Get solar quotes from 3 local installers near you

Paso 1– Fill out our step-by-step quote form and we'll put you in touch with trusted local installers

paso 2– Up to 3 local installers will contact you by phone and/or email for more details and the best offer.

stage 3– All offers are free and non-binding, ie. H. You can choose the best offer that suits your needs and budget.


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“Energy Matters was a great help throughout the entire process, from quote to installation, exceeding our expectations. His team was very professional and informative from start to finish, they answered all my questions. Happy with the result."


“I recently used Energy Matters' solar system quote service to help me decide which company to use for my solar system and battery installation. I was very happy with the result. I received 3 quotes within 24 hours, all 3 companies were very helpful and answered all my questions. I highly recommend using Energy Matter, you won't be disappointed."


“Extremely fast installers, very easy process from quote to installation. The team handled the installation process very professionally, was very knowledgeable, and had no problem answering all of my technical questions. I rarely leave reviews, but I made an exception for this business. Thank you for recommending Energy Matters."


benefits of solar energy

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Save energy costs

(Video) How do high quality solar panels help increase the income of Canberra homeowners connected to a VPP?

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fix this planet

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increase real estate value

Canberra Residential Solar

Join the millions of ACT homeowners who have switched to solar and are saving thousands on their energy bills.

Discounts and incentives for owning a home in the Australian Capital Territory

Canberra commercial solar system

Commercial solar systems are one of the safest investments for your business. Save up to 31% on your energy costs.

Discounts and incentives for commercial solar systems in the Australian Capital Territory

Earn money by saving money

Take advantage of the ACT feeding rate. Solar houses in Canberra and ACT are also rewarded for buying excess electricity from ActewAGL Retail at 6.7 pence per kilowatt hour.
The rate varies between retailers. In the Queensland region, the rate is currently 7,861 pence per kilowatt hour (2020-2021).

Estimated annual electricity savings [1]:

  • 4,05kWSolar energy system: US$853 – US$963
  • 5,01kWSolar energy system: US$1,056 – US$1,191

[1] Estimated electricity bill savings for Canberra and A.C.T above based on electricity price of 17.5 pence per kilowatt hour and 9.0 penceFood Tariff (FiT)with 50% to 70% power consumption generated without batteries and 70% to 100% power consumption generated with batteries.

Make solar easy

We understand that one of the main obstacles to switching to solar energy can be perceived problems and headaches. Energy Matters is dedicated to making your transition to solar energy as painless and hassle-free as possible. Our network of trusted solar installers can tailor a solution to your needs and support you every step of the way. Regardless of where you live in Canberra or anywhere else on the ACT, you can apply for up to3 non-binding solar offersfrom trusted local installers who can discuss your solar conversion needs and questions.

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Canberra Solar Batteries: The Future of Renewables

Save energy day and night by adding a rechargeable battery. Not just solar panels and a battery.Added value for your home, electricity bills can be reduced by using battery power at peak times, when grid power is most expensive. Touted as the future of electricity, batteries allow solar energy generated during the day to be stored for use at night or on cloudy days, when solar panels cannot generate electricity. In fact, adding a battery to a home solar panel can double the amount of self-generated electricity use. The battery can also:

  • Backup power supply during a network outage (only on some systems, eg Tesla Powerwall 2)
  • Reduce demand peaks in the electrical network
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions


It stores electricity for solar self-consumption, load displacement and emergency power supply.

Know more

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Generous discounts on ACT solar batteries now available

The ACT Government's Home Battery Storage program offers homes and businesses in the Australian Capital Territory a battery rebate of $825 per kilowatt of power capacity up to 30kW (up to $24,750).

Oelectric vehicle(EV) The revolution is gaining momentum in Australia. Are you ready for electric cars?

(Video) Solar Panels Canberra

Did you know?Do 50% of Australians intend to buy an electric vehicle in the next 5 years?Installing a home battery gives you the flexibility to sell your stored electricity to the grid or charge your EV overnight (whichever option best suits your needs based on your feed rate, lifestyle, etc.).

Solar data in Canberra and ACT

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ACT emissions compared to other states

Australia's total greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 were 535 million tonnes CO2-e. ACT is associated with Tasmania as the least polluted territory/state in Australia.

ACT is unique in that it is the only Australian state or territory not to have power generators within its borders. 100% of the electricity imported into the NSW grid comes from solar and wind farms (reporting period 2019-2020). For this reason, ACT reports emissions differently. ACT offsets emissions from household electricity use by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). This resulted in zero electricity emission intensity!


Total net ACT emissions

The ACT 2019-20 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report found the estimated total greenhouse gas emissions for ACT to be 1,684 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (kt CO2-e).

Surprisingly, the electricity emissions were 0! This was solely due to the fact that renewable energy is the source of all electricity used in the ACT and all emissions resulting from this use are offset by REC.


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ACT Solar Powered Homes

According to the 2016 Australian Census, there were 163,286 private households. Of these private homes, 34,576 homes have a photovoltaic solar system installed, that is, 1 out of every 5 ACT!

Only 1,479 of those homes have a solar battery installed. Are you one of the many Canberrans that have solar power? Are you one of the few who have solar battery storage? If you answered no to any of these questions, why not talk to a local installer today?


(Video) Solar Panels Canberra

As electricity costs continue to rise, more and more people in Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are turning to solar power as a cheap and green alternative. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start.

Selecting the best solar panels, installers and energy providers in Canberra and ACT requires careful consideration of many factors including efficiency, durability, customer service and price. By researching and comparing options, you can make an informed decision that will save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you are looking for the best solar panels or the best energy provider in ACT, there are numerous options available to meet your needs.

Check out some of the best solar panels, installers and electricity providers in Canberra and the ACT to help you make an informed decision.

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The best solar panels in Canberra

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best solar panels for your home or business, including efficiency, durability, and cost. Some of the most popular solar panel brands in Canberra and ACT includesolar energy,RECORDmiLANGUAGE. Visit our websitebest solar panel brands in australia to consider.

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The best solar installer in Canberra

Solar panel installation is a significant investment, so it's important to choose an experienced and reliable installer to ensure the job is done right. Some of the best solar power installers in Canberra and ACT are SolarHub, SolarBright and Solargain. These companies have a proven track record of providing quality facilities and excellent customer service.

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The best electricity deals in Canberra

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an electricity provider in Canberra and ACT, including price, customer service and green energy options. Some of the best electricity deals in Canberra come from providers like Energy Locals, who offer competitive prices and flexible rates.

Information on Canberra and ACT solar panels (20)

Best energy company in Canberra

In addition to electricity, many ACT households also use gas for heating and cooking. When choosing an energy provider in the ACT, providers such as ActewAGL and Origin Energy offer gas and electricity packages that can lead to significant savings. For those looking for a 100% renewable energy option, providers like Red Energy offer green energy plans.

Take a look at our websitelearnElectricity resellers and solar rates in the ACT.

Can't afford to go solar right now?

(Video) Canberra Solar Power Customer Review

Don't have money for solar right now? Don't let that stop you from making a great investment. Many of our trusted solar installers now offer interest-free start-up loans that allow you to pay for your system in small monthly installments. just order oneno-obligation solar offerand find out what payment plan options are available!


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