Portable Cat Carrier: The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2023 (2023)

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What are the main factors customers need to consider when choosing a portable cat carrier?

A variety of influences contribute to the portable cat carrier. Depending on the product, there are several ways to study it. That is why we have come to help, advise and respond to these problems.

A thorough search for trustworthy sites should be done using as many resources as possible. Our experts use high-tech tools and a well-tuned product listing system to offer unique services.

It would also be exciting to deepen the development and analysis of these aspects. Consider the following tips:

unique size

It is important to consider the size of your pet. You need to find the right balance between comfort for your pet and ease of transportation. To make sure your cat is comfortable, measure the length. The space allows your cat to lie down comfortably without having to bend down. Most of the products we tested were designed for cats' long bodies.


There are two types of materials: hard and soft sides. Soft material is more durable, but can also get hot if not enough air circulates. They usually only have one door, making it difficult for the cat to get in.
The disadvantages of rigid racks are compensated for by flexible racks. Many soft-sided carriers have mesh sides that allow for better airflow and a clear view of your pet's surroundings. Many pets prefer to see what is going on around them. Your presence can make them feel safer. Their durability is the only issue, especially if they haven't been decrypted yet. If left alone, a determined cat will run away.
To provide extra strength, many manufacturers use different types of nylon or polyester.

Save on computer

If you don't plan to travel often with your cat, look for a carrier that can be easily disassembled and folded for storage.

floor mat

Many baby carriers include a soft mat. You can machine wash a rug and put it inside to prevent slipping.

handles and grips

Quality baby carriers should have a detachable shoulder strap, preferably comfortable, and two handles for easy lifting. It's a good idea to secure the straps with a button or Velcro. This keeps them balanced and out of the way.


In order for your cat to have its gear, you need bags. Good cat carrier bags should contain at least two pockets. At least one must be closed with a zipper, button or Velcro.

shape and design

According to Gadd, a carrier should be large enough for a cat to lie comfortably and move about without discomfort. Most cat carriers are designed to fit the dimensions of an airplane cabin. However, some cats may find their carrier too small or too big. Many cat carriers come with expandable sections that can increase the size of the carrier by up to three times. They are ideal for your pet to stretch out safely on long journeys.

internal safety rope

If a cat doesn't want to go into a cage, it can run out the door and escape when it's time to rest. A seat belt can prevent them from escaping through the door. Wolko explained that you should only put your pet's collar or harness on when feeding or drinking. The pet may be strangled if the collar is used during travel. Some baby carriers do not include a seat belt. However, some have an inner ring that can hold a leash.


Your cat's comfort is better with soft-sided carrier bags. They are more comfortable than rigid straps. There are many products that make transporting your dog easier. You can add cushions or removable pads to relieve your pet. This is especially true for cats who spend a lot of time in their carrier. Please note that any items you place in the carrier will reduce the usable space.


The sides and top of the racks can be fitted with mesh panels for ventilation. Too many mesh panels, however, can leave the cat feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. Wolko stated that the net should cover at least half the size of the luggage rack. Some cages have a privacy panel that can be raised or lowered depending on the temperature and the needs of the cat.

security certification

If you intend to transport your cat in a carrier, an impact-resistant safety certificate is required. A baby carrier with a harness does not necessarily mean that it is safe to carry. Independent companies can crash test products. However, the Center for Pet Safety is a leader in safety certification and crash testing for pet carriers.

charging ports

Gadd proposes a two-door trunk. Cats like having options, so they may prefer different doors. Gadd said if they're stubborn, it might be better to carefully lift them off the wagon than drag them through the front door.

frequently asked questions

How to transport a cat on a long car journey?

Jacks must not be used as a front seat. You need a safe and comfortable carrier where your cat can rest comfortably on its back. Ventilation is a must for long-distance cat carriers.
You can find the best cat carriers that are suitable for long car journeys here. It's good to allow your cat to spend some time with the carrier before it takes off. You want your cat to have fun in their new carrier. Always stop when your cat looks distressed.

Are cat carriers safe?

Some cats don't like cat cages. You need to consider your cat's personality and how you will be using them. A cat carrier may not be the best option for anxious, aggressive, or fearful cats. However, if your cat is calm, curious, and happy, you can take them outside. You should always think about your cat's safety and not force them to use a carrier.

How do I put my cat in the carrier?

It can make it easier for your cat to get used to the carrier. Stand your cat upright with the exposed door facing the ceiling. Once your cat is in place, close the door to lower the cat into its correct position.

How do I clean your cat's carrier?

Cleaning your cat's carrier is essential to prevent infection. This is especially important if the cat vomits or urinates along the way. Cats love a place to relax, but they don't like strong smells.
Use a mild, non-toxic soap and water and scrub the conveyor belt with a brush. Rinse with warm water and then let dry outside. The conveyor can be cleaned with water to give it a neutral odour. This will make you more likely to use the carrier.

What is the ideal cage size for a cat?

When looking for a carrier, choose one that is about 1.5 times the size of your cat. Your cat must be able to sit and move around in the carrier. It shouldn't be too big to slide under airplane seats.

Why do you need a cat carrier?

You're not the only one worried if your cat runs away from you when its carrier is nearby. The experience is often uncomfortable for cats because they are not used to being in cat cages or have had a bad experience.
There will be times when you need to transport your cat. Your cat may experience stress due to moving house, vet appointments, and other stressful situations. It is crucial that they feel safe during transport. It's not a good idea to let your cat ride in your car.

Can I take a cat carrier in the car, on the plane or on public transport?

A cat cage can usually be brought on board an airplane or public transport. You can request a pet-friendly car to share a ride, or let each driver choose.

Do cats prefer hard or soft carrier bags?

While it's difficult to determine whether cats prefer soft or hard carriers, there are some things you can do to help your cat make an informed choice. Cats often find traveling stressful. This can make them more prone to chewing or scratching. A rigid stroller can withstand this type of treatment better. It all depends on the situation you have. Light carriers may be better for air travel.

How should I take my cat with me when I travel?

It is important that your cat feels comfortable in the carrier. If the carrier is tilted or rotated at an angle that is favorable for your cat, your cat could become uncomfortable and even get injured.
It is better to carry the charger with both arms. One arm should be at the bottom of the brace and the other wrapped around the top. This allows you to keep the carrier close to your body, especially when it is heavy. Do not move the conveyor belt too fast and make sure it is on stable surfaces.

What is the best carrier size for a cat?

When purchasing, look for a cat cage that is about 1 1/2 times the size of your cat. The carrier should allow your cat to lie comfortably in it and turn its head, but not so narrow that the cat can shift around during the ride.

We decide the facts because we are product consulting professionals with many years of experience. However, we maintain and update the list of portable cat carriers to ensure the information is accurate and up to date.

After reading this article, you should realize that choosing a portable cat carrier that is convenient and affordable for you is not difficult. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

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