Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (2023)

Do you remember those first sips of Moscato?

Did you like the taste and thought there was nothing like it?

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (1)

And then you tried other types of wine, and your palate evolved, and you quickly realized that the first one you tried wasn't as good as you thought?

But it gave you some really fun nights and it was dirt cheap!

That's how I feel about the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation (NG). If I had written this review after trying it the first time or two, I would be raving about the waves of orgasmic pleasure and telling all my friends to get it.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (2)

dostillTell a few friends to buy one, but for now only those friends who are just getting started with clitoral sucking toys and are on a tight budget. Or nervous that they won't love the more expensive toys.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 NG is one of the most affordable air pulse toys on the market. When I started building a large collection of Air Pulse vibrators, I wished I had other better quality clit sucking toys.

Said that.

As a beginner - meamadothe Satisfyer Pro 2 NG! And it has helped me a lot.

So if you're new to air pulse toys and shopping on a budget, the Satisfyer Pro 2 could be a great option for you. I'll help you decide in this Satisfyer Pro 2 review.

If you're already familiar with the clitoral sucker, I recommend trying an upgrade like the Womanizer Premium or even the Womanizer Starlet 2, just a bit more expensive.

Satisfyer Pro 2 vs Next Generation Satisfyer Pro 2

Before we get into the basics of the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG, let's talk about the Satisfyer Pro 2 Original.

Satisfyer no longer makes the original model, which looks almost identical to the Pro 2 NG.

But the next generation has some small changes and agreat progress.

The biggest difference is the addition of the + and - buttons, which replace the single button used to toggle between intensities.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (3)

This is a huge game changer.

I'm someone who likes to play with the intensity levels up and down, so I wouldn't like the single button.

Not all.

I think you really need to be able to turn the intensity down. It can be easy to think you're ready for the next power increase, only to get there and find out, yaaa, I'd rather be on the lower intensity.

The intensity levels stayed the same. Both models have a separate power switch.

Satisfyer has upgraded their engines to make the NG quieter but still louder than I would prefer. It's louder than higher-end toys like the Womanizer Premium, and louder than the exceptionally quiet Womanizer Liberty.

The new model has a slightly muted copper color and a dimmer LED light than the previous model.

So if you own and love the Satisfyer Pro 2 Original, should you upgrade?

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (4)


Upgrading to Pro 2 NG would be a great idea just for the + and - buttons. Or at least get another toy that you can use to tone it down. Air pulse toys are not sex toys designed to make you cum through levels.

How does the Satisfyer Pro 2 feel?

The silicone tip forms a dome around the clitoris and expels sweet waves of air. The feeling for me is more comparable to someone sucking on my clit, although some people would strongly disagree with that comparison, so your mileage may vary.


It differs from conventional vibrators in that it feels contactless. While the pressure waves can feel super intense, the contactless technology makes it easy to reach orgasm number two (or three or four).

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (5)

The quality and intensity of the air pulses vary from one toy to another. Each toy has a range of intensity levels or speeds. The spectrum of air pulse quality ranges from lighter and "airier" (feels more on the surface) to "tundous" (feels deeper in the body).

Womanizer toys tend to have more explosive pulses, while Satisfyer toys tend to be more airy. I would describe the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG as spacious.

People generally associate stronger beans with better quality. But everyone has their own preferences, and perhaps you like airy dolls more than louder toys.

And honestly, if this is your first toy, it may take a while before you can tell the difference between airy pulses and squeaky ones.

I couldn't feel the difference at first.

So if this is your first Air Pulse toy, it might be a good idea to go with a cheaper "airy" option like the Satisfyer Pro 2.Rose vibrator (review here)

This allows you to test the technology and see if you like these toys before spending money on an upgrade.

Satisfyer Pro 2: high intensity on a low budget

A big advantage of the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG is the intensity range.

With 11 speeds, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is NGIt has a very good range for the price.🇧🇷 More than you can get with the cheapest models from premium brands like Womanizer.

For comparison, the Womanizer Starlet 2 (their cheapest clit sucking toy) only has 4 speeds that start with more intensity and end with less intensity than the Pro 2 NG.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (6)

While the pulses are higher quality or "thunderier," the $30 increase in price for the Starlet 2 might not be worth it for those looking for a wide range of intensities.

If you're looking for a slow intensity toy, the lower levels of the Satisfyer Pro 2 are hard to beat. If the higher level has you desperate for more, you'll need to invest in a toy like the Womanizer Classic or Womanizer Premium. .

Eleven levels (plus new and improved + and - buttons) give you or your partner plenty of control. You can slowly orgasm by increasing the intensity without big jumps, or you can play the limit by going back to lower levels to prolong the experience.

depth of stimulation

Some toys have pulses that go deeper into the inner web of the clitoris, while others are on the outside of the clitoris. Satisfying touches are airier and feel more flush with the surface.

less resonant

If your clitoris is very demanding, the depth of stimulation provided by the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG may leave you unsatisfied. For something more, you can try the Lelo Sona 2, known for its deeper pulsations.

And any Womanizer toy would also offer deeper sensations, but would come at a higher price.

And as we discussed, less range: the main advantage of the Satisfyer Pro 2 for its price.

Also keep in mind that it can take some time to distinguish between lighter pulses and stronger pulses, so I think it would be a good idea to pick a cheaper, lighter toy to start with.


If you've read more than one review of this toy, you probably know that it's hit or miss.

Glamor praises the comfort and intensity of the Pro 2 NG. An Amazon reviewer joked that the user needed an exorcism because his spirit left his body during use.

But if you look in other corners of the internet, you'll find a community of people who just don't like the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG.

I am somewhere in between.

The Pro 2 NG's silicone head is a bit firmer and larger than I would like. Compared to the smaller, softer spikes on Womanizer toys (and many Womanizer toys have an extra head), I don't find the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG quite as comfortable.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (7)

And the wide, smooth, flat lip of thestamp stampset new comfort standards for myself

But the firmer lip on the Satisfyer Pro 2 still fits well and gets the job done.

(Video) Satisfyer Pro 2 | Sex Toy Review

Remember: this is really a cheap introduction to the world of clitoral sucking.

Once you've tried the Satisfyer Pro 2, you'll probably know if you want to go deeper or stick with traditional vibrators.


The Satisfyer Pro 2 is not my favorite toy.

But it used to be like that.

And for the price, it offers a lot of stimulation.

I still think it's a great introduction to the world of pulse air toys without breaking the bank.

If you are a beginner, you might love this toy as much as I do.

I was and still am impressed with the intensity range. The eleven different speeds along with the improved + and - buttons allow me to go up and down at my own pace. Despite the "lightness" on the wrists, the Pro 2 has always brought me to orgasm when well lubricated and with a good seal.

If you're a beginner looking to try air pulse toys, I think it's a good idea to start here.

Not everyone likes clitoral sucking toys, so I think it's best to start with a budget model like the Satisfyer Pro 2.

If you've already tried clitoral sucking toys and don't like the "airy" sensations and want deeper stimulation, I would look elsewhere. The Womanizer Starlet 2 is another great toy at a fairly cheap price.

How easy is it to hold the Satisfyer Pro 2 on the clitoris?

While I don't find the firmer silicone tip of the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG as comfortable as other Air Pulse toys, I have no problem holding it to my clit.

As long as it's well lubricated, I can keep it in place during alone time. application awater based lubricantaround the tip greatly facilitates seal maintenance.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (8)

Too much exercise, whether it's with a partner or a vibrator or whatever gets you moving, can make it harder to break the seal. I usually have trouble using these types of toys in partnered sex, but it's doable. I've found that it works best when my partner and I get together.

However, since the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a bit bulkier, I find it easier to use smaller toys like the Womanizer Starlet 2 during sex.

Satisfyer does not include an additional silicone tip with the Satisfyer Pro 2, but they are available separately on their website.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is loud

This toy is very quiet...

At the lowest levels.

I usually have a fan running in my room and can barely hear the first three stages with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation.

The fourth and fifth levels are definitely noticeable in the same space. With the sixth level and beyond, there is no way to sneak around.

If you use the toy in a quiet house on the top 5 floors, people in the other room can hear it, especially if the seal is broken. If the seal is broken, your secret will be revealed.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (9)

How to mute the Satisfyer Pro 2

So the question remains: how to mute the sound?

Unfortunately, since the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a low-end clitoral sucking toy, it doesn't have built-in features like Womanizer Premium's Smart Silence. Womanizer Premium automatically stops buzzing when it detects a broken seal.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has nothing like it.


If you have music, a TV, or a loud fan in your bedroom, you can still use the upper levels discreetly with someone in the next room. That's enough sound to drown out the pulses of the Satisfyer Pro 2.

If you like lower levels -that I personally can still climax– then noise must be good for you. If you need a quiet toy with maximum intensities, check out the Womanizer Premium. The Starlet 2 would also be a quieter option than the Satisfyer Pro 2.

(Video) Satisfyer Pro 2 - How It Became The World’s Bestselling Sex Toy

Cost - What you get for the price

Bam - here it is.

The main reason why the Satisfyer Pro 2 is still worth the money for many.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 NG retails for around $40.

Compared to other popular clitoral sucking toys, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is significantly cheaper.

As with anything you buy at a lower price, there are some pros and cons, most notably the less noisy wrists and the firmer, less comfortable tip.

I think for many people these tradeoffs are worth the significantly lower cost of the Satisfyer Pro 2, especially if this is your first airpulse toy.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 still has incredible intensity range for the price.

If you're willing to spend a bit more, the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise has very deep pulses, but lacks the slower speeds of the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Formuch stronger heartbeatPlease consider the Starlet 2 for about $30 more. But here the compromise lies in intensity levels. The Starlet 2 has a much smaller intensity range with only 4 speeds.

With a lower budget than premium models like the aptly named Womanizer Premium, you'll have to cut corners somewhere.

Both in intensity and in the intensity range.

If you find that you prefer a wide range of intensities and are satisfied with airy wrists, I think the Satisfyer Pro 2 is your best bet.

Satisfyer Pro 2 test results

I think the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG is a great toy if:

  • You want a wide range of intensity with many speeds
  • Enjoy intense clitoral stimulation
  • Are you looking for an inexpensive air pulse toy?
  • Looking for your first clitoral sucking toy?

There are better alternatives to the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG if:

  • I want deeper, thunderous pulsations
  • Do you want a toy that is easy to use during sex?
  • You already have a couple of clit sucking toys and you are looking for an upgrade

Check out the alternatives for the Pro 2

How to use the Satisfyer Pro 2

Using a clitoral sucking toy for the first time can be…confusing. I remember trying to figure out if I was using it right. Here are some quick tips for beginners:

  1. Lubricant. Lubricant. Lubricant. I wasn't an avid lube user until I started using these toys and now I can't live without them. Be sure to use a water-based lubricant with these silicone toys to ensure a good seal.
  2. Spread your labia and cover the clitoris with the domed tip. You don't have to expose the clitoris. The pulsations are intended to stimulate through the clitoral hood.
  3. Play around with intensity levels. Increase the intensity to the highest intensity that doesn't feel too intense, then turn it down if you feel overstimulated.
  4. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is also completely waterproof, so you can take it into the shower with you. Many people find that water also helps maintain a good seal.
Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (10)

Quick tips:

  • Clit sucking toys are intense and you should start slow. Don't feel the need to reach these higher levels. I often stay on the lower levels of my air pulse toys. Sometimes these toys seem to force an orgasm too quickly. On a positive note, many users (myself included) have managed to orgasm multiple times in a matter of minutes using these toys. I like to slow down a bit before climaxing because these pups are STRONG.
  • Everyone is different. You're not doing anything wrong if you don't like the sensations. You may need a lower speed toy or a different type of tip. Clit sucking toys aren't for everyone, so it's okay not to enjoy them. Or you just need time to get over the learning curve.

Satisfyer Pro 2 alternatives

Womanizer Starlet 2 and Liberty – Thuddier Pulses, but less range

Womanizer toys are known to have more pulses than Satisfyer toys. These sensations penetrate deeper into the internal web of the clitoris and seem less focused on the external clitoris.

The Starlet 2 is slightly more expensive than the Satisfyer Pro 2 and offers much stronger pulses, but it doesn't have the slower speeds of the Satisfyer Pro 2. The Starlet only offers 4 speeds, the top speed is closer to the 6th speed of the Satisfyer Pro 2. .

But the 4 speeds aremar.Each of the Starlet 2's air pulse speeds feels like quality.

I also found that the smaller size of the Womanizer Starlet 2 makes itvery easyto use in partner sex. It takes up less space and is easier to maneuver.

Or for about $20 more than the Starlet 2, the Womanizer Liberty offers 6 speeds (2 more than the Starlet 2) comparable to the main 9 speeds of the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (11)

I recommend Womanizer Starlet 2 or Womanizer Liberty over Satisfyer Pro 2 if:

  • Are you looking for a cheap clitoral sucking toy and would rather have higher quality pulses than a wide range of intensities?
  • You want a toy that is easier to use during sex. the star 2 wasamazingfor me during sex (Freedom can be harder so go for Starlet 2 if that's a priority for you)

Check the price of Womanizer Starlet 2

See the price of Womanizer freedom

(Video) FAQ Is the Satisfyer Pro 2 suitable for Beginners? | EasyToys

If you want to know more you can read my completeWomanizer Star 2 Im Proofhere and mineLiberty Womanizer reviewon here.

Womanizer Premium - Deluxe Enhancement

I will always sing the praises of Womanizer Premium.

The Womanizer Premium quickly became my favorite sex toy.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (12)

Yes, Womanizer Premium costs $199.

But damn. It's luxurious!

It has the best of both worlds: 12 intensity speeds.miincredibly strong sensations.

It is exceptionally quiet.

It's elegant. It's wonderful. It has Smart Silence technology that stops the pulse when it is not in contact with the skin. It has an autopilot feature that combines speeds of intensity for out-of-control orgasms.

You get what you pay for. The only downside is that, well, Womanizer Premium costs a lot.

But if you already have other clitoral sucking toys that you like, I don't think it's necessary to buy a budget model like the Satisfyer Pro 2.

It's time for an update.

Satisfyer Pro 2 [Test and Comparison] - 2022 (13)

If this is your first clit sucking toy and you just want to start with the best, make sure you buy this.Womanizer Premium by Lovehoney.

You're the only sex toy dealer I know.Let's return a toy because we don't like it.

Since not everyone is into clitoral sucking toys like I am, this can be a great way to take the risk out of your purchase.

I recommend Womanizer Premium over Satisfyer Pro 2 if:

  • You already know you like clitoral sucking toys and you want an upgrade
  • He likes to dive headfirst with a quality toy.
  • I want a great rangemibeautiful deep wrists
  • I need a really quiet toy

Check the premium price of Womanizer

Check itWomanizer Premium Reviewfor an in-depth discussion of this clitoral sucking toy.

general thoughts

The Satisfyer Pro 2 NG was one of the first clitoral sucking toys I tried. I was impressed with the intense clitoral stimulation and the range of intensities.

For the exceptionally low price of this type of toy, it could be a good buy.

It's hard to find a toy 11 speed. Not to mention one under $50.

As my collection grew, I became more and more fond of quality Air Pulse toys. I was starting to want louder toys instead of the airy dolls from Satisfyer. I found that I liked the Womanizer silicone tips better than the Satisfyer Pro 2.

(Video) Satisfyer Pro 2 Instructional Video

Of course, I have to pay extra for it.

I still think the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a great beginner toy, but I will continue to use my Womanizer Premium or Starlet 2.


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