Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (2023)

Terraria is now in its final iteration, the 1.4 Journey's End update, and we can make the final ranking of the best weapons available in pre-hardmode. Forget your short copper sword or wooden yo-yo;terrariumsIt's packed with awesome gear that will help you defeat bosses and enter hard mode.

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It covers everything you need to know about the best weapons to pick up during your pre-hardmode adventures. We'll include some tips and tricks on how to beat the different bosses and how to prepare to beat the Wall of Meat.

Updated March 16, 2023 by Ja Vaughn Marshall:Fortunately for Terraria fans, despite the developers' original claims of finality, 1.4.4 isn't the end of the game's updates: 1.4.5 has been announced for 2023, with plans to also include cross-content with Dead Cells as Quality-of - Health improvements to many game systems and elements. While it's not the world's biggest update, it's still nice to see the game gaining love again, making it the best time to start a new save and embark on an adventure. To get through pre-hardmode, check out an improved weapon list for various builds as you madly charge towards the Wall of Meat.

14 on the edge of the night

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (1)

The Night's Edge is what you get when you defeat all the other awesome swords together. requires all fourpre-hardmode iconic swords(Muramasa, Flaming Greatsword, Blade of Grass and Bane of Light or Blood Butcher). Head to a Demon or Crimson Altar and you'll get the only sword worth having right after the Wall of Flesh.

How to craft Night's Edge:

  • Muramasa- Found in the locked golden chests in the dungeon. Your best modifier is Legendary, though you might only have one or two in your world.
  • great flaming sword- This sword consists of 20 Hellstone Ingots. It's a slow sword, but has long range and a lot of damage from pre-hardmode swords.
  • blade of grass- Made from spores and thorns from the jungle, the Blade of Grass has a chance to inflict the Poison debuff on enemies.
  • Curse of Light / Blood Slayer- Crafted from Demonite or Crimtane depending on which evil biome you have in your world.

13 enchanted sword

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (2)

This sword is rare.but not as rare as you think. The enchanted sword is found in underground chambers. A puddle of water, falling vines and a sword stuck in a stone. It's a magical scene, but not every camera has a real sword.

E.Some of the swords are fake.. If you're lucky enough to get the Enchanted Sword, it's a top-notch weapon (with cool projectiles) that could get you into Terraria Pre-Hardmode.

Always look for tunnels leading from the surface to a chamber.. Throwing grenades or using a weapon that fires light projectiles through blocks is a good way to find the enchanted sword.

12 the beekeeper

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (3)

bees! bees! The beekeeper is a sword.dropped by the queen bee somewhere in the middle of the jungle. Find their hive and defeat them and you will have a very high chance of getting the Bee Warden.

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This is a unique sword that holds its own against the Wall of Flesh. Anything you hit with the Bee Keeper will be attacked by a swarm of bees. Scary, but effective. we should also mentionblessingas one of the most effective ways to defeat the Wall of Meat.

11 in the waterfall

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (4)

the waterfall isthe strongest pre-hardmode yo-yowith a damage value of 27 for its base variant. They are looking for the divine or demonic modifier to the yo-yo's final stats.

this yo-yo isFell into the dungeon when Skeletron was defeated. Get it before Hardmode, because it will be replaced by Hel-Fire Yoyo. Cascade works fine in hardmode, especially if you have one.decent yoyo build setup.

10 discomfort and artery

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (5)

These two yo-yos arebest for early gamebefore even thinking about tackling the dungeon to try to find a waterfall. These two yo-yos are made from Demonite or Crimtane bars, depending on which damaged area you have in your Terraria world.

Malaise and Artery are fun until you find a better yo-yo later in the game. We do not recommend these items beyond the Wall of Flesh, as theyThey just don't do enough damage to keep you in hardmode..

9 The Black Spear Spear

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (6)

Far from swords and yo-yos, this is Dark Spear. Found onshadow boxesin the underworld is the Dark Spearthe strongest pre-hardmode spear. Spears aren't particularly powerful or very popular, but Dark Lance has at least a use or two.

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This weapon is very useful forFarm a boss like Eater of Worldsbecause it deals piercing damage to every worm segment of its body. Dark Lance is also good at taking out large hordes of enemies while keeping the player at a safe distance.

8 Flamarang

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (7)

Boomerangs are often overlooked by Terraria players. Poor boomerangs.The Flamarang is a powerful weapon that can come in handy when transitioning to Hardmode.. It is the perfect complement to aStrong long range build for early game.

It's the upgraded version of Enchanted Boomerang, so it deals more damage and also causes Catching Fire! Debuff on enemies hit. You only need ten Hellstone Bars to level up the regular Boomerang, so it's worth checking out.

7 the fury of the sun

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (8)

Heavy, robust and powerful, the Sunfury belongs to the mace weapon class that received a buff in 1.4. A player can now constantly swing the mace instead of waiting for it to return.This just makes the Sunfury a more versatile weapon..

It used to be an oft-overlooked weapon, but is now a prime option for transitioning into Hard Mode. Sunfury is a fairly common drop from Shadow Chests in the Underworld.

6 the space cannon

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (9)

Despite the damage nerfs in Terraria 1.4,A space cannon and a full set of Meteor armor remains one of the most satisfying combinations in the game.. Meteor Armor speeds up your mana regeneration and Space Gun consumes your mana. Put them together and you have a weapon that can fire constantly and completely annihilate enemies. The space gun is oncrucial component in a powerful magical construct.

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What takes the Space Gun to another stat level is its ability to pierce at least one enemy with its shots, making it powerful against hostile areas like the dungeon, as well as against bosses with multiple moving parts. Even if you don't plan on building specifically around this weapon, it can be a great backup when you're low on mana and need to keep your distance.

5 water screw

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (10)

oh, ohwater screw. Prior to Update 1.4, it was possible to break one of the first Water Bolt spellbooks by looking at some of the bookshelves in the surface dungeon. This made pretty much every pre-hardmode boss kill in minutes with the correct arena setup.

Since Journey's End arrived, the developers decided that one of the first Water Bolts was completely broken.caused them to appear in the basement of the dungeon. Despite this, the Water Bolt is still a powerful weapon pre-Hardmode and perfect for farming material bosses.

4 Muramasa

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (11)

While Muramasa lacks the power of its sword class contemporaries, its auto swing ability makes it a much safer alternative. While slightly weaker, his damage is not to be scoffed at: as long as his large hitbox stays activated by his repeated hits, he's protected from all enemies that aren't knockback resistant.

Additionally, Muramasa is one of the easiest swords to obtain in the game, as it can be found in the Post-Skeletron dungeon. As it is a necessary component to crafting Night's Edge, this sword is well worth keeping for its usefulness and growth potential.

3 phoenix launcher

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (12)

If you want to play ranged combat with an ammo-based weapon, the Pheonix Blaster is your best bet when it comes to weapons. While this Pistol upgrade is less powerful per shot than the Musket or Stargun, it fires at over three times the speed of those two weapons.

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The Phoenix Blaster is so powerful that it's still useful on hard mode and can outrun a decent number of other ranged weapons unlocked after the Wall of Meat fight. The only real weaknesses here are the lack of ammo efficiency and low recoil against enemies.

2 the bee's knees

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (13)

If you prefer the simplicity and low cost of arrows to the weapon class of the bow, then the Bee's Knees is the perfect weapon for you. Unlike some other bows found before hardmode, you don't need a particularly fancy arrow for this thing to shine; Each wooden dart fired turns into a tight line of bees that can split up to deal individual damage.

Bee's Knees is a fantastic weapon for both solo and group encounters, as its shots are unaffected by gravity and aim at the closest targets. Even if you miss an enemy, if you hit the ground or a wall with your shot, the bees can escape and find their way to any enemy.

1 molten rage

Terraria: The best weapons in pre-hard mode (14)

The Molten Fury is by far the strongest standard bow in pre-Hardmode and has the highest available damage of all current iterations of the game. As if that weren't enough, this weapon also applies the burning effect to any wooden arrows fired from the bowstring.

Since other arrows can still be used with this bow without losing its pre-built effects, you can make the most of the high damage it deals even if you don't want to use its trick. Plus, you can even use wooden arrows as extra ammo, with the added bonus of setting your enemies on fire.

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