The 12 Best Asian Action Movies You Can't Miss (2023)

The most watched genre in the world is the romantic comedy. That doesn't sound good, does it? Because that's not it. The correct answer is action! Thrilling car chases and fierce fights are what people crave. Probably because they can't do it themselves in real life. Well, they can, but the authorities are arresting them. The genre has gradually evolved over the years. From the days of The Great Train Robbery, when elegant men fought on moving trains, to Mad Max: Fury Road, where absurdly dressed characters chase a group of runaway brides in cars, the definition of action has changed. Asian flavor was completely different. Influenced by their cultural background, Asian action films use different forms of combat, ranging from quick brawls to skilled sword fighting.

This accumulation of diversity and rich fighting styles has made Asian films some of the most popular in the action genre. Here we are listing the best Asian action movies of all time. You can watch some of these best Asian action movies on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

12. Ong Bak: Guerrero Muay Thai (2003)

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Ong Bak is perhaps the most famous film on the list. The film is often shown on various channels and its importance and popularity derives from its attractive cast of fighters. The film centers on a stolen statue and a determined warrior's promise to retrieve it against all odds. Tien, the brave warrior who sets out on the journey to retrieve the lost statue, is an obscure simpleton living his daily life. When the statue's old head disappears, he takes it upon himself to bring it back. He must defeat Lord Komtuan's men to achieve the same. This Thai produce is a sumptuous treat for your inner animal.

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11. Iron Monkey (1993)

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Iron Monkey grew out of the writers' daring initiative to include an alter ego as the mainstay of the story. The name of this alternative is Iron Monkey. The entire movie is a fictionalized account of the historical feud between Wong Hei Fung and his father and the iron monkey. The film's transition from natural and languid to intense and superficial feels effortlessly pleasing. The use of sticks and weapons to facilitate combat is masterfully executed. Photography is what stood out the most in the film. The beautifully shot movie really evoked big emotions and felt like a James Cameron special.

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10. Fearless (1993)

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It is true that retreating into the valleys and curves of Mother Nature metaphysically helps one to attain inner peace. Jet Li, playing alone, will inevitably bring bums to the courts. And that's what happened. "Fearless" has become one of the biggest hits of the year since its release. It's interesting and worth mentioning, like everything else in film. the individual's purpose and duty fall back to protecting China's honor. Li plays a similar character who, after being isolated in the woods, finds a renewed appreciation for the little things in life. Upon returning to the city, he must face the evil threat that has darkened the city and left it in ruins. Nobel. consistent. Karate!

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9. Fist of Legend (1994)

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Jet Li is the face of mainstream martial arts. Her movies aren't always the most sensible in their thought process. But they are fun for your target audience. And that's what makes Jet Li's presence in a movie so meaningful. Fist of Legend focuses on Chen and his return to his childhood school. When he finally arrives, he discovers the intimidation and outright vandalism of the Chinese group, and also learns of the sad death of his guru. Emotionally warmed and heartbroken, he decides to end this fight once and for all, dedicating this act as a gesture of his master's legacy. There's no arguing about the action part, as it's inherently cool when it's on the list. But the dramatic part of the narrative was very well conducted, which gave the film some credibility. Overall, a decent movie. haayah!

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8. Rote Klippe (2008)

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This epic historical period is nothing short of extraordinary. The standards you consistently set with special effects and production scale deserve our respect and admiration. A dispute between two kingdoms instigated by politically ambitious individuals, the film surprises at every turn. The beauty with which he captures the essence and brutality of war is exquisite. Director John Woo was skeptical of taking on such a huge project and worried about its flawless execution. In the end, we can safely say that he was modest in being so upset about these issues.

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7. Corrida de Kung Fu (2004)

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Every Indian child has seen this movie. Worldwide. Believe me, pirated Chinese movies were a thing of the 2000s. Sing wants to join a dreaded gang. When he can't, he pretends to be a part of it and terrorizes a neighborhood. Unknown to him, three martial arts experts disguised as ordinary people live there. The entire movie revolves around its bizarre action sequences, which are surprisingly well done. The lead actors do an excellent job of providing visual continuity to the flawed narrative. Kudos to the stunt coordinators who tried to make the movie's fight scenes. Your dangerous and life-threatening initiatives in scene removal deserve our respect and appreciation.

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6. Drunk Teacher (1978)

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This is a classic. Jackie Chan's rise to fame, Drunken Master was a hilarious, action-packed performer that has achieved cult film status today. The story of a troubled boy who is carefree and more interested in happiness and mischief than responsibility, the film is filled with comedy and heartbreaking situations. His life takes a turn for the worse when a special group of assassins threatens to waste his existence by not taking timely and active action. Chan's acting skills are commendable here. Because for a man of his skill and stature, it's nearly impossible to act like a complete novice in the business. His comic timing stands out in this group of flying action sequences. Don't miss it.

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5. Villainy (2017)

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If I could, I would describe the film on its merits. But unfortunately I can't. Only one is to blame: Kim Ok-Bin. The gorgeous South Korean actress caught my attention with her stunning role as Sook-hee, a ruthless killer who has been trained to be the best and the baddest since childhood. He tries to hide his dark secrets by becoming a sleeper agent for a secret service. However, two important pieces of evidence from his past eventually come to light, putting his secret in jeopardy. It is perhaps one of the best-made films of 2017. The film was screened at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, where it was highly acclaimed and praised for its deft action and captivating story.

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4. Shaolin Football (2001)

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Now I don't know how to pay that bill. Growing up, he was a huge fan of Captain Tsubasa and his extraordinary physics-defying soccer skills. And then I grew up. "Shaolin Soccer" had the same appeal, but this time the people were real, as were the action sequences. Or maybe they weren't real because they are humanly impossible! A Shaolin devotee gathers his five brothers so they can use their martial arts skills to play soccer, thus popularizing Shaolin kung fu. They certainly provided enough material for social hooligans to make funny memes and videos for years to come.

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3. IP-Man (2008)

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Donnie Yen is one of Asia's most famous action stars. His unbridled popularity reached new heights with his portrayal of Ip Man, a brooding, unassuming martial arts master who must fight for the honor of this stunted art and his guru's legacy. The film became iconic upon its release and won numerous awards. Audiences voted it the best film of the year, praising the protagonist and the gripping narrative. The quickly cut fight scenes were expertly shot and acted out without you knowing they were all actors. So convincing was the conviction with which Yen played his role that he was welcomed back to his village as the Ip Man and many challenged him to fights in the ring. It's already something, isn't it?

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2. The Heist (2011)

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Nothing is as underrated in the movie business as The Raid. The glorious action feast is so exciting it will take your breath away. Even though the film is outrageously bloody and inhumane in its depiction of violence, the action and stunt sequences are just plain weird in nature. A team of brave men gets trapped in a safe house owned by the evil drug lord Tama. As ammo runs low and the imminent threat looms ever closer, the party must use their abilities to the fullest to deflect unwanted attention and safely escape. A friend suggested the movie (Sorien) and I accepted. But the movie totally blew me away with a perfectly executed effort. I like watching!

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1. Crouching Tiger's Hidden Dragon (2000)

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Ang Lee's masterpiece is still considered one of the best action movies of all time. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an exquisite display of skill and metaphysical flourishes wrapped in an engaging narrative that will leave you in suspense. A sacred sword is stolen from Yu Shu Lien, who received it from the legendary Lien master. An embittered Lee embarks on a journey of exciting and romantic adventures full of twists and turns. There's no denying that the film struggles a bit with its pacing. But the way Ang Lee steered the film with symbolic and purposeful direction is simply a joy to watch and appreciate.

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